Wilson Anthony Rodas
Forest Hills Realtor® Services

Licensed Commercial and Residential Realtor helping people buy and sell properties in Forest Hills, NY.

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We found the home our dreams and can't believe how fortunate we were to have heard of Wilson through a friend of ours who also purchased a home with him. We never thought it could be this easy.

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Seller agent

Wilson Anthony Rodas helps home owners sell their home in Forest Hills, NY, using cutting-edge technology, professional home-value, and home-listing tools and platforms, and dedicated personal assistance. His knowledge of Forest Hills, NY, including schools, activities, parks, restaurants, bars, and more, allows him to accurately price homes in Forest Hills, based upon the property itself, surrounding amenities, and the current real estate market. Wilson also knows a team of professionals including plumbers, contractors, painters, and other home improvement experts that can help clients get their home completely ready for sale. Marrying together his passion for Forest Hills and his dedication to real estate services, Wilson is the representative every client wants by their side to sell their property as well as Forest Hills in general as a wonderful play to live, work, raise a family, and enjoy life.

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First time home buyer

Wilson Anthony Rodas is a Licensed Realtor in Forest Hills, NY, that works with first-time homebuyers to assist them with buying their first home the right way. He has decades of experience in the real estate market as well as extensive knowledge of the Forest Hills, NY area. Wilson knows that there is a lot to think about when buying your very first home. First-time home buying is the same as any large project, it requires precise methods with vast attention to detail from the beginning to the end. Wilson helps first-time homebuyers in Forest Hills navigate the entire real estate process by giving them extensive tips while preparing to buy, shopping for homes, knowing the correct value of homes, and understanding mortgage, tax, and other possible overhead fees.

Find your dream home

Wilson Anthony Rodas is a professional real estate agent in Forest Hills, NY, with a mission to help clients find their dream home. From finding home value and properly listing properties to assisting buyers with their new home purchase or relocation, Wilson ensures that his clients will get through the real estate process with undivided attention and assistance. He focuses on residential homes in the Forest Hills area, as well as condominiums, and co-ops. Wilson begins his real estate process with all of his clients by discovering in thorough detail what his clients are looking for in a home. He takes into consideration every aspect of his client’s wants and needs, including their budget, home size, the best areas for families, surrounding schools, restaurants, bars, nearby indoor and outdoor activities, and everything else in between. Get professional, hand-in-hand solutions to your real estate needs and find the perfect home for you.

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I ask for 1% of Your Trust,
And I Will Earn the Rest!